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headshot 2015I’m a reporter and radio producer in New York City. My first book,  Go Tell the Crocodiles: Chasing Prosperity in Mozambique  (The New Press, 2018), explores life on the margins of one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. You can buy a copy here, or preferably, at your local bookseller.

I’ve written for the Atavist, VQR, the Miami Herald, the AtlanticSlateForeign Policy, and the Common, among others, and produced radio stories and documentaries for NPR, BBC, Marketplace, Reveal and Latino USA. I have been a fellow with the US Fulbright Program and the International Reporting Project (IRP), and speak French, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Contact me for freelance assignments and excursions. For inquiries about the book, write Beverly Rivero at the New Press. For questions about rights and permissions, please get in touch with my agent, Valerie Borchardt.